Application for hosting BAPS Annual Congress

If you would like to offer your centre as a location for congress, please contact the office: [email protected]

Required information:


Questions to ask Congress venue:

  1. staging: we need a stage in the main lecture hall and will this cost extra
  2. slide preview room and technical support – cost
  3. traffic light/timing device
  4. microphones
  5. lighting
  6. furniture for catering/exhibitors
  7. branding; what branding opportunities does the venue offer and the costs involved (or can we provide this)
  8. security: will this be an extra cost
  9. manned cloakroom
  10. please including maps, building and room layout drawings and room capacities


  1. Transportation: accessibility via air (including what international flights are available), rail, road.
  2. Where is the site in relation to the rest of the city, hotels etc ie will transport be required?
  3. Summary of cultural highlights
  4. Any knowledge of local council’s involvement to support the event?


  1. Is there a nearby hotel suitable as a designated head quarters Congress hotel for keynote speakers to be accommodated and to act as a hub for meetings?


  1. What support will be provided from local BAPS members to liaise, pursue local sponsorship, provide local knowledge.

Proposed expenditure

  1. Congress Centre
  2. Catering
    • Lunches
    • Tea and Coffee during congress
    • Welcome Reception

Please also give an indication of likelihood of attendance and conference programme participation:

  • locally
  • internationally

Any other information the submitting group want to pass on to help with their application.

Factors that will be taken into consideration in evaluating conference proposals will include:

  • cost most importantly
  • cost of travel for delegates
  • convenience of travel for delegates
  • level of support locally
  • attractiveness as a travel destination
  • previous congress locations
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