Innovation Session at 70th BAPS

Draft Programme

4th July AM

Delivered with a mixture of in person talks and pre recorded videos.

Session 1:  How to build a hospital Batcave and other “impossible” things          

45min talks 15min questions

Healthcare is a notoriously difficult environment to make new ideas happen in. From care pathways, to devices and novel interventions the path is often difficult and full of pitfalls and traps. Hear from a selection of innovators in the child health field who have found ways around the problem, from starting companies to constructing Batcaves. 

Learning outcomes

  • How to be an intrapreneur (new ideas from within organisations)
  • How to be an Entrepreneur (new ideas made outside organisations)
  • Practical do’s and dont’s on the innovation journey

20min break

Alder Hey Innovation AKA Bat Cave

Session 2:  Data, Data Everywhere and not a drop…

45min talks 15min questions

The ability to gather, manipulate and use data to improve childrens health is potentially revolutionary, so why is it so difficult? From generative Ai, to machine learning and vision, we explore work that is being done around the country and beyond.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciation of the different types of AI and their uses
  • Examples of AI used for social good
  • Difficulties and solutions to implementing data based projects

Session 3: I am Iron…Surgeon?

45min talks 15min questions

It feels like surgical techniques are not too different from 50 years ago. What sorts of technologies can we hope to see in the next 50 years to truly transform surgical capabilities? What if Tony Stark was let loose on paediatric surgery? Taking a radical look forward we ask surgical innovators from around the world to imagine what is around the corner from robotics to surgeon enhancements.

Learning outcomes

  • Advanced robotic capabilities
  • Surgeon optimisation using technology
  • The advent of mixed reality and surgical planning
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