Denis Browne Gold Medal at the 69th Congress

Azad S Najmaldin MB ChB, MS, FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Eng)

The Denis Browne Gold Medal for 2023 will be awarded to Azad Najmaldin from England. The Denis Browne Gold Medal is awarded for outstanding contribution to paediatric Surgery and the presentation is made during the Congress. You can read more about the Denis Browne Gold Medal on the main BAPS Website.


Born in Kurdistan, graduated from Baghdad, arrived the UK in 1975. Azad trained in general surgery before completing a Master’s degree alongside higher surgical training in paediatric surgery in Southampton and a senior residency in Melbourne. He became a consultant in Leeds in 1992.

Azad developed interest in endoscopic surgery independently, performed the 1st procedure in Southampton 1987. He introduced and popularised gastrointestinal, thoracic and urology endoscopic surgery in the UK in 1992 and Robotics in 2005. He modified many techniques and performed over 60 procedure types in more than 2500 patients and raised more than 2 million pounds through charities to support the cause. Azad founded the British Association of Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons as well as the European Society of Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons.

In 1993 he started the Leeds Endoscopic Surgery workshop, which remained consistently popular with surgeons from all over the world for 27 consecutive years. He served on the UK Speciality Advisory and Examination Boards, European Paediatric Speciality Board, offices of many national and international learning bodies, editorial board of three journals, and Board of Governors caring for disabled young adults.

Azad mentored across 5 continents. He has delivered over 140 invited lectures, organised/instructed in 122 workshops, and has been an invited surgeon in 24 institutions. He has published over 260 peer review articles, abstracts, chapters, CD Rom, videos, documents, newspaper articles and TV documentaries. He has edited 3 textbooks on Endoscopic surgery, two of which enhanced by his own hand drawn illustrations.

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