69th Congress Gallery

We were delighted when BAPS member, Alex Lee agreed to be our official photographer for our 69th Congress. We are now able to offer you these pictures to view or purchase.

Over the years we’ve been asked if we can provide copies of photos to delegates. As a small team we’ve not had the capacity to send pictures out individually. So we have been looking for a solution to automate sending out our photos.

Why we are charging for photos

If you have children or play sports, you’ve probably paid for photographs. For transparency, we are explaining the costs involved in making photos available and why we need to charge.

At congress we hire a photographer. It takes time for the BAPS office to upload our photos. So there are costs to offset. This year we’ve taken the decision to make these high quality images available using the Zenfolio photography platform – there are charges for us to use this platform.

We don’t aim to make a profit- simply to offset the costs of photography at BAPS. Members will receive a discount code in a separate email. Whether you purchase the pictures or not, we hope you enjoy viewing them here.

You can view the photos from previous congresses here.

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