Michael Sjöö

Michael Sjöö from Sweden is a Captain in Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS), where he was employed in 1989. He was flying the DC-9 until January 2002, thereafter he flew the MD-80 until 2009 and since then the Boeing-737.

During 1995-1999 he mixed his flying with being a flight instructor on the DC-9 at SAS Flight Academy. He was there the project leader for the Human Factors of creating courses for pilots in this topic and also educating pilots in aviation medicine.

In 1999 he left SAS Flight Academy when he was recruited to SAS quality department where he was auditing within SAS as well as other airlines. He was assigned as the Vice President and Quality Manager for the entire company between 2003-2007 and responsible for all quality issues and all investigations within the company. Since he quit that position he has continued flying for SAS.

Michael is also a Medical Doctor specialized as a flight surgeon with civil and military competence. He has his own company and educates different groups in safety and quality issues mainly for the health care industry.