Nobhojit Roy (MD, MPH)

Nobhojit RoyNobhojit Roy (MD, MPH) has been a community surgical provider, catering to the burden of disease in urban, rural & tribal populations of India. Roy received his training as a Trauma Surgeon in Mumbai, India & the UK, and holds a MPH from Johns Hopkins University.

His areas of research interests are preventable injury deaths, trauma registries, disasters, conflict, population based surveys for disease burden, access and delivery of healthcare and prehospital care in the resource-poor setting of low-middle income country.

At the international level, he is a regional expert for the Global Burden of Disease 2013 group with the Institute of Health Metrics, Seattle, where he studies non-communicable diseases, with a focus on disability adjusted life years (DALY), to demonstrate effect on the South Asia region. He has previously been the lead Commissioner of the Health and Delivery Management group of the Lancet commission of Global Surgery ( from 2013-2015) and is a Lancet Commissioner for NCDs & Injuries in the poorest billion ( since 2015).

At the National level for the Ministry of Health, he is leading the task force for developing standard treatment guidelines in Surgery and in the Working Group on Emergency Care & Disasters in India.

On the surgical practice front, he is the Professor and Chief of Surgical Services at the BARC Hospital (HBNI University, Govt of India) which is a secondary and tertiary health care provider to a 100,000 population in suburban Mumbai, India.

He is also the Public Health Specialist at the Environmental Health Resource Hub in the School of Habitat Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences University, studying environmental and occupational health issues.