Miss Kokila Lakhoo

Kokila Lakhoo
Kokila Lakhoo is a consultant paediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital in Oxford and an honorary senior lecturer in paediatric surgery at the University of Oxford.  Besides general paediatric surgery and ambulatory surgery her special interests are: global health,fetal counselling, neonatal surgery, paediatric tumour surgery, paediatric thoracic surgery and specialist gastrointestinal surgery. She is chair of the international forum for the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons and is personally developing paediatric surgery through a link in Tanzania. She is editor of 3 books including a recent joint venture with her African colleague as editor to a text book namely “Paediatric Surgery: a comprehensive text for Africa”(publisher global- help publishers).She has to date contributed to 53 chapters to paediatric surgical text books and has 244 peer reviewed publications.