Evelyn Ong

Evelyn OngEvelyn is a Consultant Paediatric Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgeon at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. A graduate of the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London, her training has taken her all over the country and to New Zealand and back. A recipient of the Joint Royal College of Surgeons of England and BAPS Research Fellowship, she was awarded the Peter Paul Rickham Prize for her research. Not to be deterred by a lack of a formal paediatric HPB training programme, she subsequently completed her subspecialty training at the Liver Units of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, and at King’s College Hospital London.

In 2018, she was appointed the first woman Honorary Secretary of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons. Her tenure saw formal links formed with the Paediatric Stoma Nurse Group, inclusion of nurses, allied health professionals and medical students as members, transition of BAPS to Incorporated Charitable Company status and closer ties with other medical charities. She was co-director, along with Joe Curry, of the first BAPS New Consultant Study Programme, to ensure new colleagues started off on the right foot. She is now the Chair of the Steering Committee of Save a Child, a registered charity providing paediatric expertise to local NGOS in conflict zones and remote areas around the World via a mobile app. Throughout her career, she has met many personal challenges and come across colleagues who were battling their own private wars. With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, the surgical profession has had to overcome so much to serve their patients. It is in that spirit of peer support that she is running the first BAPS resilience building workshop during Congress.

Her parallel culinary career has seen her cooking in kitchens from the ski slopes of France to London to a 2 Michelin starred restaurant in Cambridge. Thanks to Kate Meaden, she is now honing her skills for her micro-bakery. When she’s not cutting or cooking, she can be found battling weeds in her allotment alongside her wonderful husband and cheeky dog.