Instructions for presenters


ALL PRESENTERS MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE CONGRESS TO PARTICIPATE (face to face or virtual).  If you need to switch from in person to virtual, please inform the office as soon possible for us to arrange your virtual presentation.

You can find a full timetable on the MedAll site (under Schedule) and registration on the congress website.

  1. Please visit the congress website  and follow the links to the preliminary scientific programme to see which day your presentation is scheduled.
  2. If you have any questions regarding the scientific programme please email [email protected]
  3. BAPS considers plagiarism to be a serious breach of professional standards and authors found to have plagiarised the work of others can expect a ban and a report to their employing organisation. Please ensure that all material on presentations and posters is appropriately attributed.

Oral Presenter Instructions:

  • Please check the time of your session and ensure that you load your slides in the correct room  at least 2 hours before your presentation or use the Dropbox link which we will email directly to you.
  • Most sessions will be held in the main lecture theatre.
  • Questions will come via the virtual platform and in the room. Where possible you should meet with your chairs for 10 minutes before your session begins at the front of the auditorium.  The Chairs of each session will be listed on the congress programme.
  • Please keep to your allocated time – there will be a timing system working.

Presentation types

Long oral presentations should be 6 minutes for presentation with 4 minutes for questions

Short presentations should be 3 minutes with 2 minutes for questions.

Case reports:  These will only be in-person presentations.  You have one minute to present and 3 minutes to answer questions.  Slides should be pre-loaded.

Virtual Presentations

For those of you making virtual presentations you can either do this live or in a pre-recorded video:

  1. The presentation recording can be up to the specified time that you have been emailed
    (3 mins short oral presentations, 7 mins long presentations). If longer than your allocated time, the presentation will be automatically cropped exactly to that time.
    * LESS THAN 100MB,
    * submitted in .mp4 format
    * no longer than your allocated speaking slot.
    We will not edit videos and if they are in a different format we will not play them or if longer than the allotted time they will automatically end at the time limit.
  3. A suggested method of recording the video presentation is using Zoom: record a call with yourself presenting and record it. Zoom saves the file in the correct .mp4 format and in an acceptable size when using the default zoom settings.
  4. Your first video submission is final, and unfortunately no edits or further submissions can be accepted.

Poster Presenter Instructions:

Poster links have been sent out directly by MedAll.

The deadline to upload posters is Monday 5th June.

How will I be asked to upload posters (and videos, in a similar process) and what format should they be in? How do I (pre)view posters in advance of the event?

Posters for viewing will be open before the start of congress and there will be an online Q&A during this time. You will be notified if you receive a question online. Please respond- we will be monitoring interactions and our Poster Chairs will be also be reviewing.

Please prepare a 1-minute presentation as per the instructions for Oral Presentations above less than 10MB.  Authors should upload their videos using the same poster upload invite link we will be sending.

We have written a poster author article that answers these questions right here:

Poster Format

File type must be PDF, ideally should be in A4, A3 or A2 scale/ratios and landscape. If your poster is in an incorrect format delegates at the conference won’t be able to view optimally.

Poster Walks

Poster Walks will be held on Thursday 22nd June. You will have one minute to present your slide with 3 minutes for questions from delegates. The Poster Walks will be held around screens which will show your poster from the online exhibition – you will need to be by your poster for the presentation.. The walks will be divided by topic and you will be advised of the location of your walk.

Poster Prizes

There are two poster prizes, one from Richard Stewart and one sponsored by MedAll for the most popular poster.



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