BARD in Bruges

10th & 11th JULY 2020

Bruges will host the 2nd BARD (Biliary Atresia and Related Diseases) congress designed to complement the 67th BAPS congress and co-located at the Oud Sint Jan Hospital site,  Zonnekemeers, 8000 Brugge.

This is a modern conference facility with an incredible history.  Here stood one of the earliest infirmaries in medieval Europe. During the 19th century, it was home to the St. John’s Hospital, with large communal wards. After closure of the hospital in 1976, these spacious wards were restored to their current function as a museum, lecture halls and meeting rooms.

The conference has been organised by Claus Petersen (Hannover), Mark Davenport (London), Henkjan Verkade and Jan Hulscher (Groningen), and Rick Schreiber (Vancouver).

The Scientific Programme  is designed to appeal broadly to all professional groups (medical, surgical, transplant, nursing, dieticians etc.) who manage and treat infants, children and even adults with biliary atresia and the related diseases such as choledochal malformation, Alagille’s syndrome, PFIC, and other cholestatic diseases of childhood.

Our International Faculty has been carefully chosen to represent all strands of hepatological and surgical expertise and includes:

D. Kelly, Birmingham, UK d`Antiga, Bergamo, Italy
G. Mieli-Vergani, London, UK C. Chardot , Paris, France
M. Samyn, London, UK E. Gonzales, Paris, France
A. Taylor, Birmingham, UK E. Sokal, Brussels, Belgium
R. Thompson, London, UK E. Sturm, Tübingen, Germany
N. Hadzic, London, UK B. Wildhaber, Geneva, Switzerland
D. Vergani, London, UK M. Pakarinen, Helsinki, Finland
E. Ong, Birmingham, UK J. de Ville de Goyet, Palermo, Italy
N. Nio, Sendai, Japan R. Superina, Chicago, USA
S. Karpen, Atlanta, USA K. Wang, Los Angeles, USA
S. Harpavat, Houston, USA C. Mack, Denver, USA
P. McKiernan, Pittsburgh, USA R. Schreiber, Vancouver, Canada
K. Schwarz, San Diego, USA J. de Ville de Goyet, Palermo, Italy


  • Multidisciplinary interaction to enable improved outcomes and results.
  • Format is designed to attract basic and clinical researchers; paediatric and adult hepatologists/gastroenterologists; hepatobiliary and transplant surgeons.
  • Remaining healthy with biliary atresia and safe, effective transition to adult care.
  • European Reference Network (ERN) for rare diseases.


Unique features and reasons to attend

• Joint venture with the 67th Annual Scientic BAPS Meeting,
8th – 10th July
• Beyond biliary atresia – inclusion of topics within the overall topic of
neonatal cholestasis
• Multidisciplinary format to attract basic and clinical researchers, pediatric
and adult hepatologists/gastroenterologists and hepatobiliary and
transplant surgeons
• Remaining healthy with biliary atresia and transition to adult care
• ERN-rare-liver – European competence networks for the care of patients
with rare liver diseases
• Electronic posters
• 2nd Erwin-Röver-Award for “Best Presentation”

Draft program

Friday, July 10 (together with BAPS)

• Neonatal cholestasis (diagnostic algorithm)
• Biliary atresia (surgery/adjuvant therapy)
• Cholangitis (definition/therapy)
• Portal hypertension (diagnostics/shunting)
• Choledochal cyst (surgery/transition)
• Pediatric liver surgery

BAPS/BARD dinner Brouwerij De Halve Maan

Saturday, July 11 (ERN and CPLD-sessions)

• Autoimmune hepatitis
• Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis
• Screening for biliary atresia
• Transition
• Research (clinical/basic)
• Ethics
• Prize session (Erwin-Röver-Award)

Further details: